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Santiago: The Establishment Of Saint James The Greater Paris...

Santiago: The Establishment Of Saint James The Greater Paris...: "Part I Source: Yaman Ni Poong Santiago Apostol by Parish Pastoral Council and Historical Commission The right wing tower of St. Jame..."

The Establishment Of Saint James The Greater Parish In Ibaan

Part I
Source: Yaman Ni Poong Santiago Apostol by Parish Pastoral Council and Historical Commission

The right wing tower of St. James The Greater Parish Church
popularly known as "Kampanaryo". (Photo by Reynaldo Bago)
In 1784, Ibaan's first community was established in what is now called Brgy. Matala which is 4 kilometers away from the currentPoblacion. As per records of Batangas City, Ibaan used to be part of the latter. Then in 1800, Batangas Province's gobernadorcilloappointed a tiniente to govern the community in Matala.

During that time, a chapel and a convent are is located at the community. However, as per stories told by the folklore, the combined strength of acid and fire from the sky brought both of them into ashes as they were burned with fierce fire, 1800.

In 1804, Gobernadorcillo Don Francisco Mercado, Batangas City's Alkalde Rafael Jose Ramirez and Rev. Fr. Manuel Rodriguez agreed and decided to establish a town where the first community was established -Matala was identified as the town's first Poblacion. And with the abundance of Iba trees in the area, the town was called "Ibaan".

Ibaan used to be part of Batangas City.
(Photo by
Having the town of Ibaan established, a new church and convent, together with a public cemetery, were built as led by P. Barcelona of Orden ni San Geronimo, May 1817. Don Eustacio Macatangay provided the finishing touches on the church which was blessed by P. Barcelona.

Ten years later, 1827, leaders of the growing community tried hard to transfer the Poblacion in Matala to present Poblacion. Considerations for the move was based on the current Poblacion's geographical location as because of its proximity to other nearby towns and municipalities.

During the same year, a temporary chapel made of cogon, talahib and surrounded by bamboo leaves wall was finished and went full operational. Unfortunately, it was burned in 1832. The event however pushed the people to rebuild the chapel.

Parokya Ni Santiago Apostol By The Order of St. Agustin

The establishment of St. James The Greater Parish sealed Ibaan's fate as independent town, breaking away from Batangas City. It's first Parish Priest Fr. Manuel Grijaldo, OSA took the first initiative to build a bigger church which was then supported by other Spanish priests. This paved the way for Ibaenos to be fully Christianized with a population of 6,138 in 1838.

The right side of the old Saint James The Greater Parish Church.
(Photo by Ka Mael Patena)
After consulting with the Order of St. Agustin, Architect Luciano Oliver drew the first lines for the current church. Fr. Manuel Diez Gonzales, OSA, in 1853, laid down the founding stones of the church which include its altar and patio. Fr. Bruno Laredo, OSA completed its roof and fences in. Then in 1865, the two towers were erected, having the church totally painted, under Fr. Vicente Maril, OSA.

In May 29, 1890, another force majure, an earth quake, brought the church down to rabbles. Fr. Francisco Alvarez, OSA then have the church reconstructed again for five (5) years from 1891 to 1896.

With the establishmet of Archdiocese of Lipa in 1910, with the inclusion of St. James The Greater Parish, Ibaan was graced by number of priests. Monsenor Joseph Petrelli, the Archdiocese's first Monsenor, then invited the Congretation of Oblates of St. Joseph (OSJ), consisting of Italian missionaries, to send priests to Philippines. Such request provided continuity to Ibaan's St. James The Greater Parish.

Ibaan Parish Priests from the Order of St. Agustin
1832 Fr. Manuel Grijaldo, OSA
(D. Esteban Flores, OSA also as Parish Prist as interino or in temporary basis.)

1837 - 1843 Fr. Marcos Anton, OSA
1843 - 1845 Fr. Andres Diez, OSA
1848             Fr. Martn Madlangbayan, OSA
1848 - 1849 Fr.Pedro Cuesta, OSA
1849 - 1851 Fr. Martin Madlangbayan, OSA
1851 - 1853 Fr. Manuel Diez Gonzales, OSA
1853 - 1854 P. Martin Madlangbayan, OSA
1862 - 1865 Fr. Leoncio Mercado, OSA
1865             Fr. Alvarez Calleja, OSA
August 1865 P. Bruno Laredo, OSA
1870 - 1871 Fr. Braulio Mercado, OSA
1871             Fr. Guillermo Cuevas, OSA
1872 - 1873 Fr. Francisco Rosales, OSA
July 1878      Fr. Vicente Maril, OSA
1884             Fr. Mariano Ilagan, OSA
1884 - 1885 Fr. Anastacio Q. Cruz, OSA
1885            Fr. Moises Santos, OSA
1885 - 1886 Fr. Anastacio Cruz, OSA
1886 - 1891 Fr. Tomas Agudo, OSA
1891 - 1895 Fr. Francisco Alavarez, OSA

(Note: The following priests' order/congregation was not identified.)
1897 - 1898 Fr. Fr. Jose Alonzo
1898 - 1899 Fr. Adriano Arena 
1899 - 1900 Fr. Luciano Reyes
1900 - 1901 Fr. Cecilio Punzalan
1901 - 1902 Fr. Fr. Miguel Catala
1902 - 1910 Fr. Pablo Dizon
1911             Fr. Ciriaco de Castro and Fr. Juan Fagen
1911 - 1913 Fr. Nicolas Ruyter
1913 - 1915 Fr. Juan Zegera
1915             Fr. Raymundo Esquinet

Yaman Ni Poong Santiago Apostol
Historical Commission
Parish Pastoral Council
Saint James The Greater Parish
Copyright 2004

Leoncia B. Magtibay
Esperanza Villaueva
Petra Magtaas

Belen M. Patena
Milagros A. Tejares
Diomedes B. Magtiba
Noniluna R. Panganiban
Gertrudes Bagsit
Angelita Briones
Milagros Carngal
Leodegaria R. Guerra
Marciana Magtibay
Catalina V. Perez
Rhoneil R. Panganiban
Teresita Roallos

(Note: This blog article was written in respect and in appreciation of Ibaan Pastoral Council's efforts to put into one great book Saint James The Greater Parish' history. PPC was then headed by Sir Ading Tejada as its President. The book is originally written in Tagalog which we tried to translate in English for the world to understand more of Ibaan faith.  This blog article was also written to give Ibaan parishioners a working knowledge on how our Catholic faith was established that remains strong up to the present time. If there are any information that deviated from its source, I stand to be corrected. There is no intention of infringing the intellectual proprietary rights of the authors.)

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Santiago: New PPC Officers Inducted

Santiago: New PPC Officers Inducted: "The New Ibaan Parish Pastoral Council Officers 2011 To give laymen the opportunity to serve God and Saint James The Greater Parish, a new..."

New PPC Officers Inducted

The New Ibaan Parish Pastoral Council Officers 2011
To give laymen the opportunity to serve God and Saint James The Greater Parish, a new set of Ibaan Parish Pastoral Council Officers were inducted into office by Fr. Arnel Hosena in a Sunday Mass, June 5.

Recounting the words of Fr. Arnel, he sighted the words of then US President Kennedy "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the county". In this view, he told faithfuls during the mass to find ways even in the simplest way on what they can do for the Saint James The Greater Parish. Being part of the community and of the church, he said Ibaenos are all under obligation to do their part in spreading the goodness of the word of God and to share their blessings among the needy.

Fr. Arnel also mentioned that the Parish remains open to those who wish to be at the service of the Church and of the community particularly to those who wants to be a Catechist.

The new set of Parish Pastoral Council were appointed from different sectors of the community. With this, it is  believed that the sense of responsibility be further engraved in the hearts of Ibaan parishioners.

The new PPC-Ibaan are as follows:

Parish Pastoral Council Officers
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Arnel H. Hosena, OSJ, STL
Asst. Parish Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Edgardo A. Bayani, OSJ
Asst. Parish Priest/Economo: Rev. Fr. Rex P. Alday, OSJ
President: Bro. Sixto Yabyabin
Vice President: Bro. Paul John Chua
Secretary: Sis. Lyne P. Barza
Treasurer: Bro. Arnel Toreja
Auditor: Sis. Marie B. Gales

Committee Heads
Formation/Education Committee: Sis. Ely Roxas
Liturgy/Worship Committee: Sis. Lita Guico
Social Action For Justice And Peace Committee: Sis. Cora Papio
Youth Committee: Sis. Maida P. Barza
Vocation Committee: Bro. Ador and Sis. Tancia Chua
Family Life Commission: Bro. Nick and Sis. Dory Yabyabin
Social Communication/Media Apostolate: Sis. Melba Gualberto
Committee on Migrants: Sis. Willy Bicol

Organization Heads
CCD: Bro. Danny Briones
Aral Batangueno/Pondong Batangan: Sis. Wilma Gupit
Sacred Music: Bro. Sherman Espina
PLC/Lay Ministers: Bro. Boy Gupit
Mass Intention: Sis. Pining Perez
Parish Community Newsletter: Bro. Dennis Perez and Bro. Norman Banaag
Media Apostolate: Sis. Mary Rose Reynaldo

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